Listen to the debut single by In The Belly Of A Snake In The Belly Of A Snake are a brand new project comprised of Ricky Butcher (Vocals, Lyrics, Artwork) and Bobby Jennings (Music/Guitars). The two-piece met while in a Cambridge based band together before coming together to release their debut single She’s The Sun. Listen below.

This indie pop/rock track gets off to a stripped back start before falling into a catchy, playful song lead by a bouncy, poppy guitar riff that’s held together by an engaging, enjoyable rhythm section.


The music puts your guard down and lets you relax. It’s reassuring and feel-good, and the vocals are passionate but still manage to create catchy melodies. The track comes across as a sonic adaptation of a typical summer, teenage romance movie. Enjoying late nights, clear skies, and dancing by a campfire. Or at least this is how it sounds until you notice the lyrics and realise this is probably more the opposite, possibly a story of unrequited love, “lonely, so lonely I watched you there”. The melancholy lyrics belted over such a positive instrumental creates quite an enjoyable juxtaposition.

This track really has everything. These catchy meaningful lyrics delivered through lovely sing-along melodies will surely prove itself at live shows as an arms in the air, up on your friend’s shoulders moment (fingers crossed they decide to tour) and the beautiful delicate lead guitar parts with that relaxed drum kit will solidify this ones place on your summer playlist. However, it’s the slight build in the bridge that guides you to a gentle, satisfying release where that familiar indie guitar sound steps forward to really make this track what it is. A brilliant, exciting debut that should have this new band on everyone’s radar.

Listen: In The Belly Of A Snake – She’s The Sun

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Holly Quinn

Holly Quinn is a freelance music journalist for Indie Is Not A Genre.

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