TV ME release new single ‘Peppercorn Boy’

Liverpool 3-piece TV ME today drop their new single Peppercorn Boy, a piece of easy listening and melody-rich pop. Released on Deltasonic Records (The Coral, The Vryll Society, Hidden Charms), Peppercorn Boy is the first track from an ‘in-progress’ debut album.

TV ME is fronted by former solo artist Thomas McConnell who cites parental record collections during his nineties childhood as his main influences. The band is completed by Frankie Tibbles and Adam Dixon joining McConnell on the journey from studio to the stage.

As if the mechanics of music wasn’t enough to master, McConnell also demonstrates an impressive aptitude for engineering, taking retro-toys, records, CDs and cassettes to create a rhythmical robot to ‘dance’ in the single’s hypnotic video. Watch below:

Tour dates:

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre