The Wombats and Team Me form new band Imitating Aeroplanes


Imitating Aeroplanes is a new project started by The Wombats’ bouncy bass player Tord Øverland Knudsen and Marius Drogsås Hagen of Team Me. The duo today announce their debut album Planet Language will released on September 22nd via Propeller Recordings. The first single, Hourglass, is streaming below.

While the term supergroup might spring to mind, Imitating Aeroplanes is a band that is destined rather than designed to be. Marius and Tord have been playing and writing music together since childhood, recording their first demos to cassette circa 1996.

Debut album Planet Language out in September

The pair grew up in small Norwegian town Elverum before embarking respective international careers, with their latest planetary pursuit landing in Tokyo – the cultural heartland of Planet Language.

Hourglass was the first track written for the album. Todd explains how it came about:

Hourglass was written in my parent’s basement which took us back to where it all started, like a couple of 12-year-olds just nerding out and playing music again.

The main hook is comprised of mandolaika – a mandolin/balalaika hybrid – and Marius’ monophonic melody, with the original basement recording surviving the final album cut.

Lyrically speaking, the track is inspired by Japanese folklore figure Urashima Tarō– the protagonist of an 8th century legend about a fisherman who visits the underwater palace of Ryūjin (Dragon God) and, upon returning to his village, finds himself 300 years in the future. The character is also used as a modern metaphor for someone who feels lost in a world that has changed without them.

New album Planet Language blends elements of pop, rock, funk and psychedelia, with a no holds barred approach to song structure and production – largely influenced by a series of “red wine and prog nights” in which Marius and Tord delved into seminal greats including Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd and King Crimson. The artwork and tracklisting can be found below.

Planet Language tracklisting:

1. Roppongi Hills
2. Stomping Ground
3. Diamond Dust
4. Planet Language
5. Hourglass
6. H.I.T.S.
7. Billy Boel
8. Sakebad i Kanazawa

Imitating Aeroplanes – Hourglass

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