The New Righteous Mood drop new single ‘Sleepwalker’


For any band, the beginning of their journey is a daunting prospect, however Birmingham four piece The New Righteous Mood have made it seem effortless. Bringing a brand new sound to 2020, the garage-punk quartet had already released Trail of Shade/Supermarket Birthday Cake back in January before their latest single Sleepwalker from their debut EP A Few Righteous Tunes. Listen to Sleepwalker below.

Sleepwalker encapsulates a balance between the lo-fi indie and post punk sound that The New Righteous Mood seems to be creating so vividly. Talking about the track themselves, Sleepwalker is an ‘ode to a friend’ that ‘no matter how bad it might seem, they’ll always have a friend to talk to’, and the track captures this perfectly. Guitars dripping with a garage-rock feel are combined with a colourful bass line and a detailed drumbeat to produce a relaxing yet charming song.

Sleepwalker promises a great start to The New Righteous Mood’s journey, and will get you singing it in your sleep.

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre