Hannah Moule & The Moulettes release Xenolalia Part 1 EP


© Rebekah Joy Shirley & Anya Arnold

Moulettes are back, now as Hannah Moule & The Moulettes, and they’re marking the occasion with an insanely ambitious project set for release early next year. The album, titled Xenolalia, will have 11 songs about human communication each explored through 5 different styles, styles that we see in the EP Xenolalia Part 1, electric, strings, a cappella, horns, and electronica.

Xenolalia Part 1, a taster for their full-length album, shows us 1 track, Idiolect, in 5 different styles. In a demonstration of pure creativity and ambition, the EP displays the different personalities just one track can possess. We see Idiolect played to us through the voices of horns, strings, acapella, electric, and electronica, each track rewritten but staying true to the base idea, giving each track its own unique, complex identity and shows a different take on the theme.

The lead single for this EP Idiolect Pt.1 (Electric) is chaotic, glitchy, and occasionally a bit “disconnected”, accurately reflecting the lyrical content in that it mirrors the way in which we speak and our thought processes. Voices are surrounding and come from every angle. They’re layered and call to one another, glitching and tripping over their own echo. At around the 2:00 mark we’re thrusted into a rather menacing, hard, and sinister sounding riff. A larger than life guitar in unison with sharp strings and a deep dominating bass to top it off, returning at the end to bring the track to a huge, hard, climatic close, we’re left feeling as though we’re listening to the soundtrack for war.

Hannah Moule & The Moulettes have completely disregarded the boundaries and expectations we have for artists with this project, instead choosing to follow their own creative instincts and deliver to us a truly unique concept. With another 10 EPs to go it will be interesting to see how this project will unfurl and what else they’ve put together.

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre