The Manatees drop summer anthem ‘Headstrong’


The Manatees band press photo 2019The Manatees have set themselves up for success with their latest single Headstrong, after gaining attention with their previous single What If. Headstrong is the bands third and most insightful single of 2019 as it explores the consequences of being exposed to media on the daily.

The bridge of this track features the repetition of the lyrics “where’s the clarity that I need I need” emphasising the complex modern-day life that we are faced with every day. It’s a cry for an explanation in understanding the unwritten rules that we are expected to know and comply with in society.

Frontman Jay Harris uses his unique, fun voice with flawless effort to show just how natural talent comes to this band. The drums, played by James Brearley, are beaten with an anthemic rhythm, and so combined with the other classic elements of indie rock (Tyler Bloor’s guitar and James Miller’s bass) the quartet make the genre their own.

Regarding the song itself, Headstrong is destined to be automatically added to your summer anthems playlist and played on repeat in the car with the windows down. Most noticeably, garage rock guitar riffs are heavily used in this track, transporting us back to 90s Indie Rock. This song is bursting with sound and energy from the get-go, which is only heightened once the chorus kicks in. The anthemic chorus draws inspiration from fellow indie rockers The Vaccines and Catfish and the Bottlemen, with irresistible riffs and understandable lyrics.

Make way for a new summer anthem Headstrong, it will have you singing away the troubles of modern-day society at the highest volume possible.

The Manatees – Headstrong

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre