The Jacques – Eleanor Ring Me

Credit: Alex Partridge

Formed in January 2014, and based in Bristol, The Jacques are a quartet consisting of Fin (voice/guitar), Elliot (drums), Oliver (bass/voice), and Jake Jacque (guitar) – two sets of brothers, aged 17-21.

The Jacques have thus far released two EPs, Pretty DJ and Artful Dodger, and mini albums in Japan and Germany. Their new single, Eleanor Ring Me, was recorded at RAK Studios, London and produced by Dan Swift. It is released on May 20th on the band’s own label, Vegan Cyanide via The Orchard.

The Jacques play the kind of brash and loud brit pop that they probably grew up to. It is the sound of Arctic Monkeys before they went all blues rocky, The Libertines or The Strokes recorded in a windowless basement somewhere in the Bristol area.

To be honest, I tiptoed around this band a bit undecided whether I liked them or not. While I love the scruffy sound, the vocals took some getting used to. While Fin sounded a bit off (and a bit like a girl, to be fair) on Pretty DJ, his vocals have literally matured since.

Having followed the band for a few months it is great to see that they’re getting somewhere. With an album still in the making, fingers crossed we will be hearing a lot more from this band of brothers in the near future.

The Jacques will play a run of festival shows this summer. See below for dates.

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