Saytr Play drop new single ‘Honest Man’


Credit: Jack Whiting

Saytr Play band press image

Credit: Jack Whiting

Opening with an actual scream, Saytr Play’s new single Honest Man starts at the top and never falls. It covers the kind of relationships we dig our nails into as they wiggle out of our grip. We risk everything to hold on to something that is in the process of crumbling.

Frontman Fred Farrell states:

‘Honest Man’ is a raucous heartfelt garage indie song that explores the idea of being happy in a bad relationship for the sake of easy love. It’s the idea of settling down out of fear of being alone. I’ve seen too many friends try to “make this work” on false promises and I too have lost years of my life on the wrong people before. This one is for us.

However short, terrible, and maybe toxic, these relationships still deserve their “love” songs. Saytr Play has offered us a foot-stomping ode to things that are better left in the past.

Saytr Play – Honest Man

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre