Rósa (ex WYLDR) – Don’t Say

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Rósa is L.A. trio formerly known as WYLDR. After a spat with a D.C. band by the name Wylder, the band were forced to change to their name and Rósa was born.

Will Winters, Taylor Van Ginkel and Michael Matta may not even have been born in the 80s but embrace that decade’s sound vigorously. The have just released Don’t Say, their first completely collaborative song. the track is a pop anthem with vast synths and brooding vocals that grabs you by the ears.

Rósa’s debut EP, Gypsy Queen was released this spring. The EP was composed of songs that frontman Will Winters,who had foregone a solo career, had previously written. Rósa formed about a year ago when Winters teamed up with friends Taylor Van Ginkel (guitar) and multi-instrumentalist Michael Matta.

While the EP was about regret, Don’t Say is about what actually happened. Listen below.

Rósa will headline Its A School Night, L.A. on Monday July 11th and have big plans for the future.

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre