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On 10 April 2014
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Twin AtlanticTwin Atlantic have released a video for their new single Heart and Soul that was premiered a week and a half ago. The single is the first output from their yet untitled third album out this summer. Heart And Soul was produced by Jackknife Lee (U2,REM) and boasts of stadium –sized rock.

The single has been met with somewhat controversial criticism by their fans. Reading through comments on Twin Atlantic’s Facebook page, the majority of their earlier fans seems to downright hate the song and antagonize the band as sell-outs mainly because of a recent One Direction single (Midnight Memories) that heads down that sound as well.

Musically, Heart and Soul is awfully close to 80s hair metal classics such as Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar On Me or Joan Jett’s I Love Rock n Roll, the same songs that said One Direction single borrows from. Still the verses make the better part of the song but then the chorus ruins it, it is nothing but your average mainstream radio pop rock. Worst of all are the meaningless full of landfill phrases lyrics (When you open up your heart and your soul / Take my love and never grow old / Open up your heart and your soul /Cos if you’re looking for something to love / You’ve gotta let me know). To be honest, that doesn’t even mean anything let alone make sense. Having followed Twin Atlantic for a couple of years, Heart and Soul is easily their weakest song to date. It is clearly a song that lacks heart and soul and also one that I’m not likely to listen to again.

It is quite ironic that vocalist Sam McTrusty comments “Our aim was always to make songs this size. Coming from a punk rock background, it took awhile- we like to say we went the scenic route. But it was the right route for us, full of interesting stops on which we learnt a lot – about ourselves, about each other, about how to make music that connects with fans which is always honest, never forced.

I’m really not sure how many new fans this song is likely to gain but  it will certainly leave a lot of old ones behind. Here’s hoping that the album doesn’t take the same line.

The group will also release a limited-run 7” Heart And Soul for Record Store Day on April 19th, with only 1,000 vinyls pressed (if anyone wants them anyway).

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