Review: This Is The Arrival – A Million Kicks

Substituting guitars for synthesizers is not really a new trend. Renowned bands have done it ever since the 1980s. While for some bands it is clearly just following a trend, for others it is a step forward in their musical development. This Is The Arrival belong in the latter category.

This is not the arrival, this is the departure on a musical journey

While their debut was mostly guitar based their sophomore album, A Million Klicks, has a more electronic feel to it. Second albums are tricky. On the one hand, a band already has a reputation to live up to while on the other a new development may be required to win over new fans. To be fair, I was initially skeptical of this new sound but I soon changed my mind after I heard the album in its entirety for the first time.

Next to the more electronic sound lead singer Mario Clement’s vocal range marks a huge change on this album. Mario has discovered a whole new level of what he can do with his voice (falsetto, anyone?). This is most notable in the title track A Million Kicks and The Sweatest Sound, both of which are two of my absolute favourites on the album.

Teenage Love, which was featured on the movie Kaleidoscope by Munich film production Isenseven, is a grower. Since it was the first song off the album I heard it took me a while to get into the sound that is so different from their first record… but then again it isn’t. What is truly astonishing is that this album unmistakably sounds like TITA.

Marty McFly is another favourite of mine. Like the band I grew up with the Back To The Future movies. The song is a joyful up-beat track and would be an obvious choice for a second single. The Good Life is another potential hit.

This record has a lot of songs that stand out without discrediting the rest of its material. It’s one of those albums that really work as an album, as a unit that you can listen to from start to finish without feeling the urge to skip one song or the other.

All in all, this album is not the arrival but rather the departure on a musical journey. So just sit back, enjoy and get carried away or get up and dance!




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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre