Review: We Are Scientists at Lido, Berlin

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On 26 March 2014
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WAS in Berlin

On this particular night, Berlin had a lot to chose from. Spring Offensive, Ásgeir and We Are Scientists. Since I had seen Spring Offensive a couple of times before and Susann had Asgeír covered I went to see WAS for the first time.

The show wasn’t sold out but close to it. First on were Scottish lo-fi act Paws. I had missed their headline show a few months back so I was happy about this second chance. Their set was fast and loud and clocked in at just under half an hour. I found them a lot better live and they managed to warm the crowd up for what was to come.

WAS came on about 20 minutes later and kicked off with Return The Favor from their latest record before launching into a hit packed set list. I was surprised and pleased that they played their biggest hit to date Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt very early instead of saving it for last or for the encore. But already when they kicked off the second song After Hours the room was on fire with people drinking, dancing and singing along.

What I really liked about the set was that, unlike most bands, they didn’t force the new album down people’s throats by playing it in its entirety. They only played a hand full of songs from their latest offering Tv En Francais which weren’t received with as much enthusiasm as their older ones.  It’s a really good album but it only came out two weeks ago and the majority of the audience was evidently there to relive their early 20s anyway. To be fair, the gig made me feel a bit like I was 21 again.

Of course it wouldn’t be a WAS show without the occasional silly conversation between Keith Murray and Chris Cain, who looks a bit like a hipster version of Magnum and drank a whole bottle of red wine during the course of the set. When somebody interrupted shouting “Play some music!” they told him to get a shot of Jägermeister at the bar. I wonder if he did… At some point they asked if anyone had checked a hat. Tell you what, if you plan on going to one of their shows, which you should, bring a hat and check it. I wonder what’s going to happen.

All in all, it was a fun show, albeit a bit short. Unfortunately, Andy Burrows, with whom they recorded the album, wasn’t with them. Instead, a very skilled tour drummer, whose name I didn’t catch, filled in.

The next day, which was their day off, they played an acoustic set at Ramones Museum. You can view some pictures of that below.


Return the Favor
After Hours
I Don’t Bite
Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
Dumb Luck
Rules Don’t Stop
Chick Lit
What You Do Best
Nice Guys
Make It Easy
It’s a Hit

Can’t Lose
Slow Down
The Great Escape

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