Review: Matthew de Zoete – Colour Film

Exactly as the cover connotes, Colour Film is the new, nostalgic ‘Polaroid’-style summer album from Ontario based Matthew de Zoete (that’s ‘duh-ZOO-tuh’ as he explains on his website… Nope? Me neither).  From the dulcet, acoustic tones, a raw sense of honesty is shown throughout the album. This could be because it was produced in just ten days; Zoete recalls the experience; “the band worked like mad, brilliant scientists to discover hidden layers and new meanings.”He had intended to create a short film from the album, which I would highly encourage because it lends itself consummately to cinema through his melodies which drip with serenity. Some of the soft and rhythmic bass backings, for example ‘The Good Life’ (available for free download), ‘Lost at Dawn’ and ‘Hunter’s Moon’, induce chills which flood through the whole of ‘Colour Film’. In fact, I could’ve picked any song: from the very first notes of the album, you can feel the tranquil ebb of the album wash over you- to say its relaxing would be a major understatement.

The mellowed sounds may originate from Zoete’s lifestyle, living on a rural farm with his wife and daughter. Perhaps this allows him to ponder further over his songs to create his enthralling, atmospheric style- likeable, dare I say, to Jack Johnson’s earlier work such as ‘Brushfire Fairytales’. However, unlike the Hawaiian beach-bum, Zoete’s ‘Colour Film’ feels much fuller owing to the lazy, percussive layers that infuse with the piano to create the depth of the album.

“It calls for a dark room, good headphones, and a glass of single malt”. Zoete’s words: personally I disagree. Well, I can see what he means but I would recommend that you save this album for a sunny, summer’s day. On the other hand, if you’re stuck in somewhere like England it may work while watching the rain and wishing for one. Make sure you whack up the bass though, you will want to ensure that you can properly experience the weight of it.

‘Colour Film’ is available on iTunes, CD Baby, or alternatively you can download a three-track sample of the album including ‘The Good Life’, ‘We’re Dying’ and ‘Going Nowhere’ from bandcamp.

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre