Review: Kele – Trick

Review of: Kele - Trick

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On 13 October 2014
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Stick to Bloc Party, Kele.

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Bloc Party by day, solo artist by night. Kele Okereke is certainly an active artist, and now he is back with solo album Trick. Kele’s solo act is very different from his work with Bloc Party. He switches to a sound that you are more likely to hear in a club or at a trendy hotel in New York City. There is no doubting Kele’s talent, however such a dramatic shift in musical style can spell trouble. Trick spells both trouble and success for the Bloc Party frontman.

The album starts by giving you a very clear first impression, no really it does. The album kicks off with First Impressions, a simmering, pulsating track that almost finds itself belonging on a Calvin Harris album (and in this case that is not a good comparison). A lackluster start but the album starts to pick up the pieces again, before throwing them on the ground a few tracks later. What would come very much sums up the album as a whole; a lot of false starts. Trick goes through a brief spell of disappointment before rebounding with Humour Me. Highlighting Kele’s personal talent, as well as the overall stunning production quality of the album, Humour Me is one of only a few tracks that shows why Trick isn’t a complete bust. The album arguably ends in much better fashion than it begins. Kele begins to show why he is so highly rated with some tremendous vocal sequences on Year Zero, and serenades you in on final track Stay The Night.

An album that shows glimpses of brilliance, but overall disappoints.

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