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On 7 September 2015
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Artist: Empire Escape
Album: You Are Not Alone
Release: 11/09/2015
Label: Velocity Sound Recordings
Genre: Pop, Rock, Post-Punk
FFO: Editors, Shout Out Louds

Track list:
1. You Are Not Alone
2. Houses And Homes
3. Invisible Balance
4. For Better Or Worse
5. Invention
6. Forever
7. Dont Leave Us In The Dark
8. Enormé
9. The Rural Juror

You Are Not Alone is the sophomore album by Berlin based band Empire Escape. Since the release of their debut album Colours in 2013, the band has toured extensively supporting Shout Out Louds as well as playing their own headline shows.

The first thing I noticed while listening to the album is a change of tone, musically and lyrically. Empire Escape have somewhat shed their post punk skin. Singer Hendrik’s vocal range has increased compared to their previous release. Invisible Balance and Forever are good examples for how he is capable of singing baritone and tenor alike.

While their debut seemed darker and more melancholic, most of the songs on You Are Not Alone are upbeat tunes in a major key. The choruses in the title track or Houses and Homes, an absolute standout track, are almost exuberant. Once you get to the lyrics, the tone is entirely different though. Take this line from Houses and Homes, for instance:

It the kid’s they’re crying / It’s the kids they’re dying and you say something about love / you’re the western good life prototype, damn western good life prototype.

While some of the lyrics have a rather serious undertone, be it social injustice (Houses and Homes) or fading relationships (Forever), there is that hopeful momentum in powerful ballads like The Rural Juror or Insivible Balance.

You Are Not Alone is a great pop rock record and a step up from Colours that should appeal to fans of Editors and Shout Out Louds alike. You Are Not Alone will be released on September 11th via Velocity Sound Recordings on CD, Vinyl and download.

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