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drowners 2016

Drowners broke onto the scene with some buzz, maybe not the biggest, but buzz nonetheless. Their first single became fairly popular, and their self-titled debut album would go on to receive a favorable rating from yours truly.

Their debut was an album that had places to be, and needed to rush to get to those places. It was an album that flew by in under 30 minutes, however these were a highly enjoyable 30 minutes. Despite the longer nature of Drowners second album On Desire, the album fails to provide the lovely effect that their self-entitled first did.

The album gets off to an extremely impressive start, one that feels like a natural progression from their debut. Troublemaker and (lovely) lead single Cruel Ways feel like the band maturing from their debut days. However, the album fails to continue this trend.

Human Remains begins a, quite frankly, boring spell of the album. Songs that sound similar and a strange decision to slow things down (something that certainly doesn’t fit the bands style) prevent the album from taking off, however the album does show some signs of life through Conversations With Myself.

The album ends on a high note, with a few solid tracks to sweeten the over all bad taste that will be left in your mouth. Despite the strong ending, there is very little here that shows any massive improvement on their debut. On Desire provides us with some exceptional tracks, and then unfortunately gives us some on the polar opposite end of the spectrum.

Drowner - On Desire

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Indie is not a genre