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On 3 February 2014
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Breton make strides that they couldn't reach on their debut, but the album is still held back by a flurry of minor issues.


Breton certainly seem to enjoy naming their albums after slightly depressing subjects, from Other People’s Problems, to their newest endeavor War Room Stories. However these albums are quite different. Their debut saw some grinding synths, and viciously distorted vocals. Although somewhat similar, the band returns with their follow up, War Room Stories. War Room Stories builds on the bands debut, and succeeds in almost every way possible.

Despite the vicious synths present in Other People’s ProblemsWar Room Stories takes a slightly different approach. The album starts off with the up-tempo Envy, the bands first single off the album, and probably the best track on the album. The album continues into their latest single; S4, a slightly more somber track clocking in at nearly six minutes. The album then goes on somewhat of a decline, before rebounding with Closed Category, another track that shows the bands ability to slow things down whilst producing quality tracks, something they struggled with on Other People’s Problems.

The album is being setup very promisingly for the final half, being spearheaded by National GridNational Grid shows the ability of the bands drummer, whose brilliant ability is shown on various tracks on this album but is probably highlighted on Envy, and National Grid. Although the album finishes very well, it does not reach the heights of Envy, S4, or National Grid. It manages to show some signs of excellence with Brothers, which features brilliant backing vocals and a catchy tune. War Room Stories finishes with Fifteen Minutes, another song that has bags of potential but doesn’t quite hit its stride. Despite being a very good song, it is still held from greatness by an identity crisis. Fifteen Minutes doesn’t seem to be sure if it’s a fast-paced electronic ballad, or a slower, swooning number like S4.

Breton make strides that they couldn’t reach on their debut, but the album is still held back by a flurry of minor issues.

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