PREMIERE: Mungbean preview debut album ‘I Love You Say It Back’ with new single ‘Slow Motion’


With their long-awaited debut album I Love You Say It Back finally landing tomorrow, Mungbean have been one of the most consistent and captivating outfits emerging at the moment, and now we have an exclusive first play of one of the record’s stand-out offerings Slow Motion.

Capturing more of that same bright and adventurous magic they have brought to their work to date, ‘Slow Motion’ showcases their new record as a bold and sweeping journey, filled with euphoric aesthetics.

Speaking about the new track, the band said,

We wrote this song years ago in our backyard with just an acoustic guitar and a microphone. We were pretty lo-fi back then, but the feeling of the song hasn’t changed in its rerecording. Inspired by all the wandering we did that summer, it’s bright, kaleidoscopic and dreamy. The vocals meander through the song while the synths are heavy and layered with bright flashy guitars. It still includes samples of the original vocal take from the backyard and the sounds of the birds that day.

The album I Love You Say It Back will be available to stream and download from the 20th November, and you can stream the single Slow Motion first below.

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre