Premiere: Methods drop new video for ‘Back Of Your Hand’


Methods band press shot 2019On the scene since 2015, Methods are back with their first single, Back of Your Hand, off their six-track EP set to drop October 4th. Indie is not a genre today has the pleasure of premiering the brand new video for Back of Your Hand. Watch and listen here.

The song starts with a loud landscape of synth sounds, drums that drive the point home, and opening lyrics like “we’re all dumbed down, the T.V. won’t shut up” aimed directly at our culture. They’re highlighting the gap in our reality, held open by the media. We can no longer turn off the television and mute the messages just to carry on with our day. Our devices may be splitting us in two and blocking the path toward becoming whole again. The band states:

Back Of Your Hand’ is about TV and media controlling us, or trying to. It’s about the two-faced politicians arguing then being best friends to look good or make a point because that’s what they think people want to see, dumbing down the common people, benefitting themselves. All the songs on the EP are kind of about that subject really. Human existence is questioning everything and anything, that’s why the EP is called ‘ANYTHING’

Now that our devices are an extension of our hands, do we really know the back of our hands, our bodies, the same way we used to? Or is our knowledge always mediated by something else? Methods ask the same questions. They mix 80s inspired electronica, not unlike While Lies or Interpol, blended with a new existential narrative. Back of Your Hand leaves the listener with a lot to think about after they’ve hit play.

Methods – Back Of Your Hand

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre