Paper Lions Drop New Single ‘Don’t Feel Like That’


Credit: Jared Doyle

Paper Lions Promo Photo (Photo Credit_ Jared Doyle)

Credit: Jared Doyle

Canadian group Paper Lions continues to prove themselves with the release of another hit-to-be, Don’t Feel Like That. Listen below.

After the release of their first full length album Full Colour in 2016, Paper Lions had yet to take a break. Stripping it back with successful EP At Long Creek II in 2018, the band explored an acoustic, authentic sound. Single Rhythm and Gold marks the band’s first release in 2019 and pairs well with newest hit Don’t Feel Like That to set the stage for what’s to come.

While similar to previous releases, Don’t Feel Like That highlights the band’s developing ability to fuse pop with authentic alternative rock. Pervasive and endearing, the intro’s electric guitar riff immediately commands attention. Lead singer John MacPhee kicks off the song as a compliment to the guitar, the riff and his voice quickly met with a danceable drum beat. Creative lyrics pull it all together, the chorus bringing a series of rhythm changes in the repeated line “it don’t feel like that no more.” As quickly as the track jumped into things, however, it comes to a close, leaving us waiting for more from the band.

Paper Lions will be hosting their Super Show and album launch at Homburg Theater in Charlottetown on October 19, 2019. Tickets and more information here.

Paper Lions – Don’t Feel Like That

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre