Tugboat Captain – No Plans (For This Year)


London based Indie-Pop fourpiece Tugboat Captain return with the first single, No Plans (For This Year), from their debut studio album, Rut, due out this October via Double A-Side Records. This new track marks a significant sonic expansion away from the band’s lo-fi roots and is a pointer towards the more symphonic, baroque-pop elements of their new album – recorded at Abbey Road during spare studio hours.

No Plans (For This Year) maintains the intimacy that has been a mainstay of previous Tugboat Captain tracks whilst also adding a notable grandeur through the added presence of the band’s ramshackle orchestra of friends. Although penned well over a year ago, the lyrical content of the song has become oddly prescient given the current circumstances, especially since the band’s recent US tour was cut short due to coronavirus.

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre