Gaspar Sanz – On My Mind


On My Mind is the new single from Australian indie band Gaspar Sanz. Considering the uncertainty and upheaval of the world midway through 2020, the song’s themes of utilising your own oppression as a form of power are unexpectedly poignant. Although the song was written in 2019, lyricist and frontman James Bellacknowledges the parallels that can be drawn to current world events. H comments:

This song is about choice.  The choice that you can rise up against the things in life that knock you down and use what holds you there as a power to motivate. A power to help others and yourself. If we all were able to accept that we have a choice, to help and to get up and fight for what is right, people can find justice and truth within themselves..

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre