Early Humans – Creator


Early Humans is an indie-rock band from Nashville, TN, formed by songwriters Hart Williams, Ryan Vaniman and Marcus Wickham, with a hand from other talented musicians from their local scene. Williams and Vaniman have been playing music together for 10 years. Sharing a passion of independently writing and recording their own music, the two have stuck together through the separation of many bands throughout that time. In 2018 Marcus Wickham completed the lineup. They comment on their new single Creator:

Time puts things into a much more clear perspective than sitting / festering / worrying. This song takes the viewpoint of “I’m not dramatic, look at how not dramatic I am” while being pretty self aware of the irony in all of that. “Think like a creator / make something out of nothing” sums up so many things that get exaggerated in my head and the “country” instrumentation fit the vibe of the lyrics better than anything else we had tried in the studio up to that point.

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre