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ALMA – naturanaturans

Alma are a trio of ladies in film scoring and audio engineering bringing a quirky, cinematic, DIY approach to pop. Their music is immersive, chock full of vocal harmony and homegrown production, and cut with a dash of sass and a side of groove. Their new single #naturanaturans is a DIY anthem about the trials and tribulations of social media. Directly translated as “nature doing what nature does,” it explores the irony of our natural choice to not be natural, and how we lose ourselves in the scroll shaping our identities based on how others see us online.

Stripped down with only vocals and hand percussion, #naturanaturans at its core invites us to feel into our own inherent completeness that exists beyond all of the likes, comments, and follows. There’s nothing that this song is without and the same is true for us as human beings.

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