While we cannot predict the future, our team has a keen eye for artists buzzing with talent and potential. Often, it is other factors that make or break the success of a new band or a budding singer-songwriter. Each week, our team selects new tracks by new indie bands and DIY artists that we would love to put on your radar!

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Looking to be featured?

1. Hana Eid – Shrapnel

2. Pecq – Left Behind

3. Dead Slow Hoot – The Moistest Beak

4. Growing Boi – Overflow

5. Holly Wild – Inside My Head

6. VC Pines – Dangling

7. The Indien – Be Yours

8. Buzzkills – Trouble


10. Bangbang – Without You

New Indie Bands Playlist



Deborah Jacobs

Music blogger by night, SEO by day. Started Indie is not a Genre in 2011, will always prefer live music over recordings and intimate pub gigs over arena shows.

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