Internet Band Mirror Shot Delivers Promising New Single ‘Returning’

“Built to spill, with no chill”


mirror shot band press imageLondon-based Mirror Shot has successfully begun their transition from small internet band to breakout stars with their first release Returning. Listen below.

With verses that build anticipation, and a chorus that delivers exactly what you’ve been waiting for, Returning seizes the spot as Alt fans’ favorite anthem. In the style of traditional alternative, the song is based off of strategically introduced electric guitar and drums, highlighted in the chorus and bridge.

But, as the song continues, the creatively incorporated guitar riffs and mix of drums adds a unique sound to an old-school style. Add Mirror Shot’s hit to your favorite playlist, because it’s a track you’ll be wanting to listen to on repeat.

As the band proclaims in it’s bio, it is “built to spill, with no chill.” Returning certainly has zero chill, and as the bands following spills over with their latest release, you’ll want to stay up to date.

The group is set to play Amersham Arms in London on August 30th, alongside National Service, Modern Woman, and Blank Fiction. Tickets here.

Mirror Shot – Returning

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre