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On 24 June 2014
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Midas Bison enters the EDM scene with a powerful, and unique conceptual album. His unique sound breathes new life into the EDM scene.

Midas BisonWisconsin native Sidney Johnson – stage name Midas Bison – won big at the Madison Area Music Awards taking home the ‘Electronic Album of the Year’ prize.

Midas Bison’s revolutionary album Wavey Daze redefines the term electronic Dance Music. Largely a conceptual album about the ocean, Wavey Daze operates as both an ode to the sea, and a heartfelt expression of emotion. The six-track album rises and falls with the waves that Johnson croons over. The opening track, Cistern, immediately sets the mood. Calming, serene, yet surprisingly edgy, Cistern operates as a powerful opening track to Wavey Daze. The true highlights of the album can be found in the tracks, Submerse, and Aquariumsome, which act as a powerful one-two punch to close out the album. Combining sounds of the ocean, catchy refrains, rap, and humorous asides, Submerse, and Aquariumsome, work in tandem to provoke emotion from listeners, and ponder the themes that Midas Bison touches on.

While eclectic, charming, and odd, Wavey Daze may not appeal to casual listeners, and some of the power of the songs is lost in translation between the, enigmatic, Midas Bison live show, and the recording. The soulful power of the beats, and the timbre of Johnson’s voice could be initially off-putting to someone unfamiliar to the ‘Midas Bison’ brand. However, the sincerity of the lyrics, and the passion that Johnson clearly exhibits towards his work, could win over even the most die-hard EDM detractor.

Midas Bison recently ended a tour spanning from Wisconsin to Portland. He is currently working on a new EP. His work can be found here.


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Evan Almeida

Evan Almeida

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