Listen to Golda’s new single ‘Dear Los Angeles’


LA based artist Golda releases Dear Los Angeles, her first new music in four years. Dear Los Angeles is a haunting track about the destructive “relationship” the narrator had with Los Angeles after arriving with dreams and leaving as a “silhouette of a dreamer”. Listen below.

The arts are notoriously difficult to succeed in with thousands of actors, writers, musicians, and singers from all corners of the world trying to make it in their respective industries, with many of them often relocating to achieve this.

The track follows the crash of the narrator after she’s thrown so much into achieving her dreams and how the industry grinds you down. Still, she demonstrates eagerness and determination declaring “Goodbye Los Angeles, until we meet again”, even after all that she’s endured she’s determined to come back to get what she wants.

The simplicity of the acoustic guitar paired with the tender, reverbed vocals accentuates the dark side of the “city of flowers and sunshine”. Throughout the track, there are “ooh”’s all sung in a high register with a really chilling loneliness to them, this brings out the chest clenching pain the narrator must feel after experiencing this intense, tiring ordeal.

The melodies are intriguing and developed enough to compensate for the simplicity of the instrumental, stopping the track from sounding too “basic” and giving the song its character.

Dear Los Angeles is a beautiful ode to the struggles of musicianship and the need to succeed in such a competitive judgemental industry in a heartfelt track with an ending that leaves you feeling a bit empty. The songwriting talent of Golda is entirely evident and this track only leaves you eager to see what she might do next!

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre