KYTES – I Got Something

KYTES 2016Munich quartet KYTES got something for your you should try – their latest single I Got Something which is out on April 29th via Lichtdicht Music. The boys have just returned from SXSW where they played their first US shows.

KYTES have created quite a buzz in Germany ever since their debut EP On The Run was released last year. The title track got a lot of airplay thanks to Vodafone who used it for one of their commercials.

I Got Something is a song that compares life to a gamble in the sense that you cannot chose where you are born or under what circumstances. Still, there is always room for choice. Musically, the track is shimmering tropical pop in the style of Two Door Cinema Club or Satellite Stories.

KYTES will play a bunch of club shows and festivals in Germany this summer. Tour dates can be found below.

I Got Something is out on April 29th via Lichtdicht Music.


Tour dates:

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre