Upcoming artist Jess Chalker Releases ‘Dance In The Rain’

You’ll Want to Be the First to Discover Chalker’s Unique and Anthemic Sound


Jess Chalker press shotAfter dabbling in the industry with pop band We Are The Brave in tracks Sparrow and Your Ghost, budding Sydney artist Jess Chalker has found her own sound with her latest release Dance in the Rain. Listen below.

Paired with romantic lyrics that tug at every one of our heartstrings, Chalker effectively rekindles all kinds of love with her upbeat dance track. Beginning with a stripped and simple electronic mix, the song breaks into an energetic drum beat and melodious vocals, creating a fiery and spirited song. Whether you add her track to your favourite dance playlist, or dream of resurrected love while getting lost in Chalker’s vocals, the song is sure to entertain and satisfy.

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Jess Chalker – Dance In the Rain


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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre