Isolation Radio (Part 7): BBQ edition


Sunshine & BBQ dominate this week's Isolation Radio

The days are getting longer and hotter, many countries are now easing their lockdown restrictions affording citizens new freedoms and there seems to be a light at the end of the isolation tunnel for many.

I’m sure sales of BBQ items in the UK have increased 3000% over the weekend, people are riding the Monday morning wave on a sunshine hangover, whilst many are still fearful of leaving the safety of their home. This week is set to be filled with real reflection about how we go on from here.

1. Easy Life – peanut butter

With a palpable hype surrounding them, Easy Life might have been worried that Covid-19 had put the brakes on their plans to take over the indie-music scene. The musically experimental five-piece haven’t been wasting time in lockdown and have released two new tunes for us; peanut butter and petty crime.

In their own words peanut butter has been put out to save people from “the infinite boredom that is lockdown”. A melodic 2 and a half minute with simple beats and a casual horn section framing the chorus, it’s a perfect little bop for staying at home, enjoying a BBQ (if you’re lucky enough to have a garden) or tackling the weekly shop.

2. The Airborne Toxic Event – Everything I Love Is Broken

Nobody listens to The Airborne Toxic Event for an upbeat banger, but instead for the power and intensity of their sound. Everything I Love Is Broken is probably the most depressing sound we’ve had on Isolation Radio so far but that shouldn’t stop you from listening to it.

The song slowly builds, with Mikel Jolletts enigmatic vocals pulsing against a steady keyboard beat. At a time when everything feels a little broken, many people (myself included) are a bit sadistic and seek out sad music to soothe them. This is a soul-soothing tune for when things feel a little bleak.

3. Dancing On Tables – Body

Five piece pop-rockers Dancing on Tables have an undoubtedly infectious sound. Incessantly happy and joyous, they sound like indie-rock after one too many Panda Pops, and Body is no exception to this.

There is no shoegazing when you listen to these guys, this is a song to full-on dance to. Catchy lyrics, an unforgettable hook and some off-beat percussion sounds combine to make a single which wouldn’t sound out of place featuring in a coming of age film/teenage rom-com movie.

4. Press Club – Suburbia

Australian grunge-rockers Press Club have been steadily raising their profile through a heavy touring schedule over the last few years. Across their two albums, Press Club have shown a real affinity for thrashing guitars and snarling vocals from Natalie Foster.

Suburbia is one of the more melodic singles by the band. Bassist Ian McRawe talking about the single in 2018, talked candidly how this song has a theme of physical change which he relates to the gentrification of areas like East Brunswick where he grew up.

5. Two Door Cinema Club – Isolation (Cover)

Recorded by frontman Alex Trimble in his home studio as the UK went into lockdown, Two Door Cinema Club have turned their hand to covering John Lennon’s Isolation in order to raise money for Ireland’s social justice charity Extern.

This is a really dreamy version of the song, which highlights the true strength of Trimble’s vocals. Two Door Cinema Club are great, they’ve matured with age like a fine wine in my opinion. Pop this on your headphones, stare out the window like you’re in a music video and feel-good because all proceeds are going to a charitable cause.

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre