Isolation Radio (Part 4): The Lockdown Playlist


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To quote The Streets “Where the F*&k Did April Go?”. Time has lost all meaning, the only person still working in my flat has become the calendar and is fighting a losing battle for the rest of us to retain our normal sleeping and eating patterns (Popcorn is an okay lunch right?!).

Soundtracking another week of baking, attempted self-development, yoga and people watching from the window is Isolation Radio.

1. Black Joe Lewis & The HoneyBears – Five Dollars

Something a little different to start the week, I’ve spent maybe an unhealthy amount of time playing Mafia III on the playstation recently, which has also resulted in a lot of Spotify blues playlist being listened to.

Five Dollars is a fast-paced number featuring some raucous guitars and incessant rhythms. Lewis sings of the refusal to pay a five dollar bill but then indulging at the bar like an old friend talking of their favourite hobby.

2. The Ninth Wave – Happy Days!

The first single from The Ninth Wave’s upcoming EP, Happy Days! is an ominous post-punk melody about the high’s and low’s of life.

With a reputation for taking inspiration from 80’s synth sounds, their latest offering features an anxiety inducing rumbling undertow soundtracking an altogether heavier and more urgent noise.

3. Spoort – Self

This song has firmly cemented it as my favourite thing to listen to in the kitchen. A proper little bop for making beans on toast to.

Mixing influences from jazz, hip-hop and garage rock, Spoort’s singles are composed almost entirely of hook making for an infectiously catchy sound. With only two singles under their belt so far, I’m hoping they’re using lockdown to come up with a couple more to delight our ears.

4. Weird Milk – Anything You Want

London based Weird Milk openly draw inspiration from both Alex Turner and the Beach Boys which results in some beautifully melodic indie rock.

“Hanging out by myself/ Sleeping on the weekend/ Never felt so bad” probably describes a lot of people right now. However their upbeat indie guitar rhythms make it feel like it’s a blissful place of possibility. Weird Milk perfectly blend modern influences with a nostalgic vibe to create a welcome escape from the bleak world we currently live in.

5. Something Leather – Farewell Fareworse

Swirling synths, moody songwriting and a dreamlike eerie sound, Brighton newcomers Something Leather have already gained attention from Clash Magazine, Flying Vinyl and BBC 6 Music. Oh and did I mention they have mastered the art of getting an electric organ into their songs?

Farewell Fareworse talks of the anxiety surrounding co-dependent relationships. The anxiety is just present in the lyrics however, as the distorted guitars and quite frankly haunting organ noises combine into a dark, sprawling monster of sound.

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre