Isolation Radio (Part 1): The Lockdown Playlist


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As the World experiences the impacts of Covid-19, we all find ourselves in new and sometimes difficult situations. Whether you are isolating alone, with your best friend or are still heading out to work and provide vital services, we want to share our soundtracks with you.

Personally I’m isolating with three other people in a small 2 bed flat on the outskirts of London. All in all, things have been good. Apart from losing all sense of time. I now exist in a contradiction where time passes so fast it’s impossible to do anything meaningful with my date, yet so slowly at the same time. Impossibly it’s constantly 15:17 in the afternoon as well.

01. Sorry – Right Round the Clock

Around the same time I noticed that it was always 15:17, Sorry’s debut album 925 slipped onto my radar. An innovative 43 minutes of sleek, jazzy darkness; you can read our full review here.

Lead track Right Round the Clock has fast become the anthem to my monotony of being inside. A calming influence whilst sanity slowly slips away and a reassuring hand as unpredictability becomes the new normal. It’s bizarre how well it soundtracks the surreal.

02. Mumm-Ra – Summer

Mumm-Ra are back. After over 12 years away, they’ve finally brought out new music and I couldn’t be happier (well I could, as I was also supposed to be seeing them live this week).

It’s a luscious song, simple in hook and lyrics which makes it deeply catchy. Honestly it’s gloriously happy sounding, and what more could you want right now?

03. Everyone You Know – She Don’t Dance

Unpopular opinion time – I can’t believe Easy Life are more hotly tipped than Everyone You Know. Taking influence from the 90’s rave scene and more modern hip-hop, the two brothers have a natural talent for narrating the lives and worries of young suburban men.

She Don’t Dance is a tale of a girl who has lost her zest for life, played out over a heavy, throbbing bass beat. An absolute must on any isolation party playlist, or for watching the world away out the window.

04. The Mysterines – Take Control

Fresh, dirty garage grunge is the only way to describe the Mysterines. Still in their teens, they’re already perfecting their skills at shoegaze rock.

Take Control has an opening riff reminiscent of the Ramones before Lia Metcalfe’s strong vocals punch through. The opening track to their 2019 EP of the same name, has the energy and grit of a band on the verge of hitting the big time. It echoes small, sticky venues and makes me yearn for the feel of that bass vibrating back at me from all four corners of the room.

05. Alfie Neale – Elevator

I saw Alfie Neale playing on one of the small stages at Victorious Festival last summer and have been a fan ever since. He used to soundtrack my commute but right now his soulful vocals are a soothing accompaniment to my new hobby of jigsaw puzzles. Elevator is no exception as it seamlessly blends his love for jazz and soul with a maturity beyond Alfie’s years. If you want to learn  more about Alfie, read our interview.

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre