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How indie pop became popular

how indie pop became popular

Indie music is a specific type of music that combines guitar pop and mainstream pop music to create a unique and beautiful sound. The music of the has sounds from DIY ethic or Folkstyle. The style of music is very popular and has a long and interesting history. This has inspired new, up and coming artist to sing and compose in the genre and ultimately becoming indie artists. 

Music in general is now streamed in a variation of platforms. Where we used to own piles on piles of cd, records and cassettes, everything is digitalized and fits in the small app icon on your phone. Music streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music are some popular software’s for personal use. Some use this in job contexts, along with some of the best office software


The history of indie pop

Indie pop started out as more “punk rock” than we know it today. It was made specifically to allow bands and singers to create music in their own style, rather than in a typical studio deal. It inspired self-publishing and the true tone of the artists got to shine trough. The style of the music is mainstream but is produced alone. Chamber pop is the name of tracs in indie pop with orchestral sounds. This is, together with simplistic and harmonized pop melodies called twee pop, other subtypes of indie pop that had become more popular in later years. 

What makes indie unique?

Besides being a symbol of self-released music and steering away from bigger studio deals. Indie pop has a unique sound. Many find it reminiscent of a modernized folk music. You will more often than not hear the “uncut” feel and the use of cryptic beats and instruments. This ca creates a wide specter of songs, some that are typical indie tracs and others that remind us much about other mainstream pop songs. 

This is the reason why indie pop often occur on radio stations that claim to only play regular pop tracs. The songs might be indie from self-releasing and independent artists and their best indie albums that get attention for playing on famous radio stations. This is artists such as the Lumineers and Florence + the Machines. 

The rise of indie music

The story of indie music is one of the reasons why it is so popular. Also, it is difficult to land record deals today because there are so many good artists trying to make it. There are also some set skills indie musicians needs to make it as artists. However, social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud has made it easier and free to promote yourself. 

Music apps such as Spotify value new, young artists and put their songs in playlist to help them get discovered. It takes less than five minutes to upload your song to the streaming app and if they like what they hear, chances are that you will be featured and discovered. 

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