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Hot new indie bands #16

Imperial Daze band press photo

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Check out our recurring collection of hot new indie bands & artists for your playlist. This week’s featuring: Fever Days, The Jagz, Imperial Daze, Dutch Criminal Record, Seatbelts and Varley. Want to be featured in this list? Send us your music via Submithub.



01. Fever Days – Drugs

Newcastle – upon – Tyne based Fever Days have recently released their new single, Drugs, which is a stunning mix between alternative pop and new wave. The band are already gaining tons of support, having already played Hit The North festival and supporting the likes of Jordan Allen and Our Girl.

02. The Jagz – Cathedral Dreams

Reminiscent of The Coral, The Jagz have released their single and EP Cathedral Dreams. Featuring a wonderful melody and high tempo, the track and the EP are perfect to bed those winter blues.

03. Imperial Daze – Centerpole

Since forming in 2016, Imperial Daze have developed a unique sound. Binding psychedelia with indie rock, the band continue to do just that with their latest single Centerpole. Written about the struggles of addiction, self-doubt and depression, the track has haunting synths and is really funky.

04. Dutch Criminal Record – Vinnetrow Road

Taking influence from the likes of Mac Demarco and Twin Peaks, Dutch Criminal Record have released their latest single Vinnetrow Road. The track perfectly channels the 80’s, with Tears For Fears-esque guitar riffs that truly entice the listener. The lyrics then tell the story of 21st century life and social media usage, a track that leaves the listener wanting more.

05. Seatbelts – Black Spring

Seatbelts tackle the issue of Brexit with Black Spring, a track which is reminiscent of Pavement and Talking Heads. Both soothing and haunting, the track begs to be put on repeat, proving that the band are on the cusp of getting their much deserved breakthrough.

06. Varley – Disease

‘Loneliness is a disease and if you have it please – don’t talk to me’, is the opening lyric of Varley’s most recent single, Disease, and it’s a hard hitting one. A simple yet moving track which comments on modern loneliness and how society’s hatred of it. Inspired by Gail Honeyman’s book, ‘Eleanor Oliphent is Completely Fine’, the track is relatable and thought provoking, a brilliant release by Varley.

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Katie Macbeth

Katie Macbeth is a freelance music journalist for Indie Is Not A Genre based out of Manchester, presenter of @drunktankthink, and post punk enthusiast.

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