Groves – Savour

Savour is the latest single by electronic trio Groves. Originally a 7-minute-long house track, Savour is one of Groves’ earliest compositions and is available now from Different Recordings, the electronic imprint of [PIAS]. Listen below.

The track has slowly evolved into the catchy slice of refined electronica it is today. The band comment on Savour:

It’s satisfying to finally release this one into the wild after so many different re-versions… Whilst the original subject of the song is still relevant, it was also written to consider how perspectives, personal or otherwise, change over time.

Groves work with a rich collection of analogue equipment in their Peckham-based studio, resulting in luscious textures and tactile sounds that recall X and Y.

Originally formed in Manchester at the start of 2015 the band spent a year playing live before entering the studio, adamant that they wanted to find their sound naturally before committing anything to tape. This period saw the band throw a string of warehouse parties, aptly titled ‘Late Night Grooves’, hosted in a local railway arch.

After a live set, the band would take over the DJ booth, playing house and techno records all night. This balance of the subtle live instrumentation and the more nocturnal electronic elements became pivotal to their sound.

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre