Pop Duo Gold Spectacles Release Latest Single ‘If I Die, I Don’t Mind’


gold spectacles band press shot

Self-proclaimed ‘baroque’ pop duo Gold Spectacles’ new single supports the band’s description, an ornate, detailed sound stemming from the roots of the track’s traditional synth-pop sound. Listen below.

After an intro lined with a melodious and dance-worthy drum/Mellotron mix, the tune picks up the beat as a catchy chorus ensues. The song conveys a lightweight, nonchalant feeling with the line that gives the track it’s name: “Throw me like a stone, There’s something in the air tonight, If I die… I don’t mind.”

The song, released August 16, is the tenth release in a series of twelve releases, following a monthly release schedule that lines up with the lunar calendar. For news about the duo’s upcoming releases, subscribe here.

Gold Spectacles – If I Die, I Don’t Mind

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre