Dan Croll Releases Music Video To His Latest Single ‘Coldblooded’

New Album 'Grand Plan' out 21st August 2020


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This month saw Dan Croll release not one, but two new singles ahead of his upcoming album Grand Plan, out 21st August 2020. His pair of singles, Hit Your Limit and Coldblooded not only outline what to expect from the seasoned songwriter’s new album, but also acknowledge how Croll’s has honed his craft.

In accompaniment of the single, Croll has also released a music video for Coldblooded. This sees him, once again, collaborate with visual team The Wild Honey Pie, who have produced every video for his latest record. Filmed in the LA-based music shop ‘Old Style Guitars’, the video eloquently compliments the overall aesthetic of Dan’s new music.

Focusing solely on Croll for the duration of the video, the singer-songwriter intimately performs Coldblooded in a way that allows you to appreciate the heartfelt lyrics. The setting and lo-fi style also underscore the wider themes of discovery, love and discomfort Dan wants to convey across the entirety of his new record. View the video below.

Croll’s new album Grand Plan chronicles a 12-month period that begins back in February 2018 when the singer-songwriter decided to leave the UK and move to Los Angeles.

Dan explains:

The past two years have been a rollercoaster, starting from scratch, alone in a different country, but I’m so happy to have come out the other end with this collection of songs. Feels great not only to be back on the music scene, but to be doing it with songs that I finally feel represent the influences and music I truly love.

It is abundantly clear that a short break from the music scene has allowed the Staffordshire-born singer to truly understand and express the elements of music he loves most. In doing so, Dan has been able to deliver songs that emphasise everything that the multi-instrumentalist does best, providing us with the inimitable Spacebomb country-psych-soul style that saw his previous singles Compliment Your Soul and From Nowhere see global success.

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre