Corella return with new single ‘Puppets’


Manchester’s own Corella drop their first single of 2020, Puppets. Being quarantined in the same house, the indie 4-piece is refusing to let anything hinder them as they continue to write and record material together. Listen to Puppets below.

Corella is one of many bands who are helping us fend off our quarantine blues with “Club Corella” on Instagram live. Tune in every Saturday at 7 to see the lads perform their original material and a cheeky cover.

The boys commented on the new single:

Puppets is a track that we’ve been sat on for a while, we struggled to get it right for some time, which kind of created the lyrical content. Feeling frustrated and trapped creatively, we expressed that into this song.

The frustration you can see straight away in the belted chorus:  “what are we waiting for?”.

Puppets is a big, loud indie anthem that demands a little singalong, with its pretty layered guitar lines it seems Puppets might tragically have missed its chance to capture our hearts as a summer anthem as lockdown leaves us unsure whether we’ll get one at all. At least we have another song for our quarantine playlist and another livestream to keep us going.

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre