Cat Princess release 80s inspired single ‘Fly On Your Wall’

Cat Princess Press Photo By_ Nora Cederin

Credit: Nora Cederin

Swedish quintet Cat Princess today release their retro single Fly On Your Wall via Rama Lama Records. Listening to frontman Nils Krång’s thrilling and almost psychotic vocals, one cannot help but think of the late David Bowie. Cat Princess’ combination of modern pop and 80’s inspired art-pop also borrows from The Talking Heads and by proxy from The 1975.

Having formed at a New Year’s Eve party and debuted live days later, it’s fair to say that Cat Princess are quite unconventional in every respect. Providing a fine representation of the band’s live intensity and their uniquely flavoured sound, the single is accompanied with an eye-catching stop motion hand-drawn video made by bassist Isabelle Friberg which besides the band and friends features characters like Newman from Seinfeld.

Video: Cat Princess – Fly On Your Wall

Discussing the release, drummer Victor Klint states:

It’s our most straightforward song yet and probably the catchiest stalker-song since Every Breath You Take.

The cheeky statement shows, that Cat Princess is a force to be reckoned with. It’s no surprise then, that the band has already shared bills with acts including Cloud Nothings, Pale Honey and Magic Potion.

Fly On Your Wall is released 23rd January via Rama Lama Records and is available on all platforms. Cat Princess consist of Nils Krång (vocals, synth), Robin Åberg (guitar), Robert Lanneborn (guitar), Isabelle Friberg (bass) and Victor Klint (drums).

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