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Benefits of indie music for studying

How indie music can help students
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Nowadays, a vast amount of research goes into the cognitive side of learning and the tools or teaching methods that may aid students in their learning. Many students indeed look to this kind of research to offer them advice on how best they should study. The question of how does music affect studying is a popular focus of much of this research and offers some truly encouraging answers. 

Many researchers and writers are convinced that there are indeed major benefits to listening to music while studying. This extends to many different genres of music. Popular genres to listen to while studying include classical and soft instrumental. However, it may be of interest to Canadian students to consider the benefits of indie music, one of the most popular and fastest growing genres. Here we go through some of the biggest benefits students can expect from listening to indie music as they study!



Many students have a tough time when it comes to sitting themselves down to write an essay for university. Finding a sense of focus can be difficult, and this one area where the relationship between studying and music can help. Using a particular genre, like calm indie music, can help students get into a “zone”, which improves their writing. Especially when implemented over a long period of time, creating an association between a certain genre of music and the act of focusing on an essay can help students create a reliable atmosphere of focus. 

For those times where music alone doesn’t quite do the trick for helping to focus on writing an essay, one of the best solutions is an online writing service. Consulting a trusted online essay writing service like EduBirdie in combination with an atmosphere of concentration is for many students the answer to their essay-writing problems. When this method is put into practice regularly, it becomes even more effective, and the expert opinion is that students will note an overall improvement in their sense of focus. 


Creativity is key to writing a fresh and engaging research paper, and this is something that listening to indie music artists can be of great help with. The best indie artists manage to set thought-provoking lyrics to calming yet innovative melodies, which can be a great source of inspiration for students. 

Experts wager that immersing yourself in the creative work of others can have a positive effect on your own sense of creativity. Next time you find yourself hitting a sense of writer’s block, try listening to the indie artists you admire the most, and you might find yourself stuck with the sense of inspiration you need! 


One of the major hurdles that many students find themselves facing when it comes to their academic work is being overwhelmed by stress. While stress usually comes from a place of wanting to do their best, it often does little more than holding us back. One of the best-known facts about listening to music is its ability to affect our mood as we study. The atmosphere of the space in which we study plays a crucial role in defining our mood. 

Experts agree that approaching the act of studying with a mood of calm and focus is the best way to retain information. We can indeed enhance our cognitive ability to process and retain information by creating the right study space. Playing some calm and soothing indie music can therefore be the missing element in creating a relaxed study environment. Instead of allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by academic work stress, try putting on an indie album and allowing yourself to relax into your study!

After learning of all of these benefits, university students in Canada may be left asking themselves about the expert opinion on who is the best indie artist to help with studying. Fortunately, the answer to this question comes down to a matter of personal preference! Students looking to harness the benefits of listening to music should enjoy exploring the genre, and settle on the artist that they find helps them most. As research into the benefits of listening to music continues to produce positive results, students can be more and more confident in bringing their favourite genre into the classroom!

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