Amelle Rose reveals new single ‘Fire’


Amelle Rose press shot 2019French-born indie singer songwriter Amelle Rose has released her second single of the year Fire in anticipation of her debut album I Prayed For Peace which is due to be released next year.

Fire feels like a celebratory track, despite it being about a painful breakup. Compared to her previous single Rain, this is much faster paced and energetic account about the end of a relationship.

The track begins with Amelle singing about how I guess I was wrong accompanied by a simple palm muted guitar, creating a vulnerable and honest energy between us and her. Light, airy electric guitars build throughout the verses, until the sound bursts at the chorus. This sound fills up any empty spaces, as harmonies are sung easily, making us believe that a whole choir is supporting  her. The chorus features Amelle and her backing vocals singing ‘can’t we ignite the fire, fire, fire,’ referencing the loss of heat in a relationship. There’s an interesting effect used on Rose’s vocals, especially in the verses, creating a loud, rock ‘n’ roll feel to the track to keep us mesmerised. It’s a careful balance between guitars dripping in reverb and stadium-filling harmonies, and it works perfectly.

Amelle Rose returns with Fire, and unlike her past relationship, she’s sparked a great reputation in the music world.

Amelle Rose – Fire

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre