VIMES reveal video for new single ‘Mind’

vimes 2016VIMES (Azar Syed & Julian Stetter) have just revealed the video for their first official single release Mind released January 22nd 2016 taken from debut album Nights In Limbo produced by Jochen Naaf (Xul Zolar, Hundreds) released on February 12th 2016.

The story of Mind follows an ensemble of protagonists escaping boredom in their neighbourhoods and exploring the cities of New York, Moscow and London all the while listening to VIMES’ music.

In this video we were trying to emphasize the theme of international unification of youth.

– Nadia Bedzhanova (director)

Mind takes VIMES back to a sound that is less electronic and more pop. It is in the combination of the two where the duo’s true strength lies, underlined by Azar’s mellow vocals.

The band met by chance in Cologne, Germany whilst working together for a music magazine and a firm friendship was formed based upon a mutual love of music albeit slightly different influences. Azhar came from a rather pop-savvy sphere while Julian was more into the club-scene but they found making music worked together immediately and so VIMES was officially formed in late 2012.

VIMES will be appearing live in the UK in April. Dates to be announced shortly. Their debut album Nights In Limbo is released on February 12th 2016.

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