Review: Twin Berlin – There Goes My Virtue

There Goes My Virtue is the second EP by garage-rock band Twin Berlin, aiming to inject rock and roll back into music after its prolonged hibernation. Fans from have flooded in for their maniacal live shows in the Boston Underground. This is hardly surprising: There Goes My Virtue exhibits Twin Berlin’s cutting-edge emergence into the music scene. Their exuberance gives Twin Berlin a summery lilt, not dissimilar to that of The Libertines through the debauched vitality of their guitar riffs.

The EP opens with Can’t Take, Take, Take, a jigsaw of screeching electric guitars and a raging drum backing provided by their producer Travis Barker (drummer from pop-punk band Blink-182). Lead singer Matt Lopez echoes a younger, slightly brasher Casablancas that interlocks with the track consummately. Out of Take emanates Don’t Hang Around, a frenzied stereotype of basement rock. The homemade music video enforces this with the camera swinging furiously to the vibrant guitar solos. Give Up On Me is the last song on the EP, coating it with a brazen veneer from the rabid solos throughout the song. It is my personal favourite from There Goes My Virtue for it’s nostalgic feel and sanguine riffs.

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