Interview: Vance Joy


James Keogh’s (known on stage as Vance Joy) aquatically themed hit single “Riptide” has topped the Australian Charts, and is currently rocketing up the US, UK, and German Charts – and has since been certified platinum four times by the ARIA. Joy took time out of his International tour to talk to me about his music, enjoy!

(Evan Almeida): What was your musical background like?

(Vance Joy): I spent  lot of time playing covers of Metallica and trying to learn how to play Classical Gas. I would make my own lyrics to go with popular songs to make my friends laugh

(EA)Dream Your Life Away drops in September, what does this album say about you artistically?

(VJ): I don’t know. It hope it says “It appears you have put a lot of effort into this and it isn’t too bad. Good work mate”

(EA): Your first EP, God Loves You When You’re Dancing, was met with critical acclaim. Why do you think that people became so enamored with your work?

(VJ): I am happy to have people who want to hear my music. I try my best to make decent music, I guess that’s all you can do.

(EA): Off of that EP, Riptide, has become a smash hit, what inspired you to write that song? What meaning does it have to you?

(VJ): It just came out in a couple of bursts. I don’t know what inspired it, songs can trickle down to you at any moment and can be a mystery to you. I have become a bit detached from it because it has created a wave for me that I am riding – I want to ride the wave to the shore and step off into the sand.

(EA): Did you expect to blow up, internationally, as soon as you did? Does this sudden rise to fame feel overwhelming, or is it reassuring to know that your work is well-received?

(VJ): It wasn’t expected, but I didn’t resist it too much. Being really busy can be overwhelming, but my mental state ultimately depends on how much sleep I’ve had, and whether I have had a good feed.

(EA): What are your plans for the future?

(VJ): I want to keep on trucking. One foot in front of the other, make the live show more and more special. I know that, what will be will be .


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